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Real Stream
« on: January 08, 2017, 09:23:03 PM »
Receiving a Real Stream error?
 Refresh Media Player/Kodi by pressing the red Kodi button twice and try again. If that doesn't work run the Streamsmart wizard.

When opening Real Stream we have two views (list and EPG).  Press the menu button on your streamsmart remote to toggle views.

View types:

List:  Offers most sporting events of the day and following days.  If the event hasn't started the channel listed on the right is what will play when selected.

Use the left arrow and pick your sport and will just show your listings.

While watching you can press the return button on your streamsmart remote to show a small picture of the event and you can choose another event.  To get back to full screen press the return button again.

EPG: List of channels and may offer programming.  Total 120 listings.  Some may have no listing but may have content.

Play Channel:  Offers the list of all channels to play from.

If your not getting the days schedule or just a messed up schedule.  Press menu button,  settings,  scroll right to advanced, then scroll to Troubleshoot: Re-fetch schedule. Click on it.  Back out of schedule and re-enter.

Receiving lots of buffering? Press the menu button on your streamsmart remote then choose settings, scroll down and change the Server Location.

There is a option to record but It doesn't work, so don't bother.
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