Author Topic: How To Update Your StreamSmart firmware & wizard  (Read 21355 times)

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How To Update Your StreamSmart firmware & wizard
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:01:00 PM »
OTA Update aka Firmware update

1. On the home page go to OTA in the bottom right corner, select download, then follow the directions on the screen once promoted. We recommend that you take a pic of the directions as you will need them later.
Note: Pro users after starting the OTA update your box may boot into the recovery screen.  If this happens, press the okay button.  The "restart system" option will be highlighted but may be slightly cut off on the screen, simply press okay on your remote.

2. Make sure you reconnect your unit to the internet when the update is over.
If you receive the message that no updates are available you are all set.

New ROM version 8.0.2 FB post

Want step by step?
Kodi Is now named Media Player

1) Open OTA Updater
2) Select Download
3) Install / Install
4) Click ok on "boot system now"
5) Enter OTA updater
6) If Prompt - Download
7) Install / install
8) Welcome Screen - next
9) Language - next
10) Set Screen size
11) reconnect to internet
12) Set Date & Time to Auto
13) Click ok on Media Player
14) highlight media player (click OK)
15) Download ( media player)
16) Install (media player)
17) Done (app installed)
18) Click red kodi button on open
19) click OK on click OK
20) select Streamsmart wizard
21) run wizard
22) click OK after wizard (prompt)

If you didn't have to boot up now in step #4 (recovery page), then you can skip steps #4 through #7 and go to step #8

Note: Kodi is now Media Player.

Are you receiving No Peer Certification? Click link below

How to run your Wizard
•  Inside Media Player go into any main Tab and press ok, ie: Trending, Movies, Sports, Wizard, etc...  Scroll right to you see Streamsmart wizard.  The only ones that wont bring you to the wizard is Music and System tab.
Note: You will be prompted with 2 questions. 1st one say yes to update your wizard. The 2nd and 3rd have to do with installing adult addons. Say yes or no
* If saying no to the adult addons then you will either need to clear data or manually delete each adult addon.

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