Author Topic: How To Update Your StreamSmart firmware & wizard  (Read 24860 times)

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How To Update Your StreamSmart firmware & wizard
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:01:00 PM »
OTA Update aka Firmware update

1. On the android screen go to TV app in the bottom right corner, select download, then follow the directions on the screen once promoted.
2. Make sure you reconnect your unit to the internet when the update is over.
If you receive the message that no updates are available you are all set.

Are you receiving No Peer Certification? Click link below

How to run your Wizard
•  Inside Media Player go to all add-ons Tab and press ok, Scroll right to you see the wizard. 
Note: You will be prompted with 3 questions. You must answer yes to the first two questions and the 3rd question for adult add-ons answer as you want.
* If saying yes to the adult addons and later decide you want to remove adult add-ons then you will either need to clear data or manually delete each adult addon.
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