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Modem & Router Questions
« on: January 07, 2016, 08:44:47 PM »
Modem's & Router's
Look at your internet statement to see how much bandwidth or speed you are currently paying for.  You should see something similar to XYZ internet 10, 25,50mb, etc. This is what you are paying for and you want to get as close to this number as possible when running speedtest.
Reset Modem and Router
•  This is best to do a complete reset of both devices or all 3 devices in some cases.1) Unplug power from modem and router. 2) After 30 – 60 seconds plug in the power to the Modem Only.  3) Wait 3-5 minutes for all the modem lights to stop blinking.  4) Plug the power cord back into the router and let that boot up, typically 2-3 minutes.  5) if also resetting your box then now plug your streamsmart back in. 6) Now you’re done resetting your equipment.

If you have 2 networks on your list that are the same name then login to your router and change the name of the 5ghz network.  A simple 5g to the end is perfect.  This will save yourself and your box from any duplicate issues

How do I optimize my router settings?
•  If your router comes with a Genie or a WiFi configurator, then start with that.  It may do the work for you.
•  If you choose to do this manually then start with these steps:
•  Enable 5g WiFi in router settings and add a 5g to the network name so you know which one is which.
•  Adjust the placement of your router to avoid interference.  Try taking it out of the cabinet or drawer its in and place it on a shelf nearby.  Also eliminate big pieces of metal surrounding the router.
•  Adjust the antennas on the router.  Your manual should have suggestions on suggested angles.
•  Change channel on each bandwidth (2.4 & 5g).
•  Now you should be optimized.  Test your speeds again.  If it’s not great then go ahead and reset your modem and router and you should be good.

How do I enable QoS?
•  If your router supports QoS you can look at enabling this to set priority bandwidth to your StreamSmart.

How do I change wireless channels?
•  Login to router and change the channels.  Need help with that? How to login to router or change router channels, obviously change the name of the router to your routers brand and model.  Download an application like Wi-Fi optimizer to see what channels your neighbors are using and choose a channel no one else is using if possible.  We suggest testing the speed after changing the channel as you will see a variance in some of these channels

What is the best wireless router to buy?
•  We highly recommend any of the Netgear Nighthawk Routers or the ASUS Routers.  Both of these are available at most electronics stores and definitely your larger chain stores like costco, bestbuy, amazon, staples, etc.. These 2 brand routers perform excellent with StreamSmart and all your devices.
Make sure to connect the box to the 5GHZ radio if using wifi, but ethernet or hard wired typically yields higher results.

Having issues connecting to your router or network?

S3 only uses 2.4ghz radio.
•  For the extremist you can get the nighthawk ac3200 tri band but that will cost you around $280 and is overkill for most unless you need to stream on many devices at the same time.
•  If you have the all in one cable model and wireless router from your cable company we still recommend using these wireless routers and set the cable company router to bridge mode. Please remember this step otherwise you will broadcast their wireless and yours and will cause network collisions and not optimize your network.

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