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How to watch any TV show
« on: June 13, 2016, 09:06:11 PM »
Want to watch your favorite show the smart way?
We will show you the simple steps to watch all your shows, when you want, and commercial free.  Watch all your TV shows whenever you want. Choose from the hottest shows from your favorite networks, plus 1,000's more.   

* Scroll over to the TV Show tab
* Choose your favorite addon under this tab (*hint the addons at the bottom of the screen are the best options today)
* Now choose your show.  Depending on the addon you choose you can use the search, genre, people watching, trending or many other categories.

Now you are watching TV On Demand by choosing what you watch, when you watch it...  Oh yea and its commercial free. 
Most shows air on EST

How do I search for a tv show inside of an addon?
* Scroll to the "TV Shows" tab
* Open your favorite addon under one of the above tabs
* In the category section (people watching, trending, popular, genres, etc.) choose "Search" which may be located on the bottom of the list.
* Type the name of your tv show.
Note: Some addons have different search criteria than others.  Meaning some may want you to type the other word in the search field and others may be okay with a partial name.  Most do not need the words "the, or, of, and".

Is your search coming up blank?
This happens when your search criteria has failed.  Simply enter the search again and adjust your keywords based on the note above

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