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How to search for content
« on: June 21, 2016, 10:51:18 PM »
How do I search for a Frequently Asked Question on the Facebook support page?
 Have a question and want a quick response? Use the search feature at the top of the support page to quickly see our responses and answers from similar post.
or visit the FAQ here

How do I search for a movie or tv show?
* Scroll to either the "Trending", "Movies" or "TV Shows" tab
* Open your favorite addon under one of the above tabs
* In the category section (people watching, trending, popular, genres, etc.) choose "Search" which may be located on the bottom of the list
* Type the name of you movie or tv show
Note: Some addons have different search criteria than others.  Meaning some may want you to type the other word in the search field and others may be okay with a partial name.  Most do not need the words "the, or, of, and"

Watch your TV show or Movie On Demand and enjoy life a wee bit better...

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